I’m 205.2 pounds (plus or minus .2). There, I said it. And to keep it in perspective, I’m 5’8″-ish. I won’t tell you how off that is from where I likely should be, you can do the math. Overall, it’s really not terrible, but I want to lose about 20 pounds. Not all in a week, or anything, but in a few months. My initial goal is just to get below 200, which I haven’t been in several years.

Before the ex was the ex, I was around 220 pounds (maybe even a bit more), so in the past 6 months, I did lose about 15 or more pounds. Not exactly a super amount in that length of time. But what did it was a combination of learning to better portion my meals (and I’m still working that out) and also, initially, using an exercise bike. Unfortunately, I gave up on the bike about 2 months in and I since then, I’ve slowed quite a bit in weight loss.

I’d like to get back onto that bike, and work my way up to 5 miles a day on it (I had peaked at about 2.5-3 miles for a few days). If I can do that (5 miles generally equates to about 500 calories), that gets me to about a pound a week in loss. And as I’m slowly (very slowly) losing weight by watching what I eat (meaning, just smaller portions, not exactly eating healthy), then the combination should be very good to me over time. I’ve also tried to get myself eating a fruit a day (mmm, apricots, nectarines, apples, grapes, watermelons), and I do much smaller snacks, trying to do reduce it all, but spreading it out throughout the day.

If I do the bike, keep my eating better controlled (mind you, I’m not trying to diet), and also add in some push ups and pull up (I bought one of those bars things that go in the door), then I should be on a better track to not only lose weight, but get into slightly better shape overall. And now that you know how much I currently weigh, you may get an occasional insight into how well the weight loss goes for me.

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