When you tell people you’re a magician, you get a multitude of reactions, one of which is “I hate magic”. It usually shocks some magicians that some people out there dislike magic. But it’s not because these people don’t want to be entertained, it stems for a variety of reasons.

One of the reasons is that some people feel like a magic is out there to trick them, to make them feel like fools or look foolish in front of others. Why? Because some magician somewhere in their past has either done it to them, or has done it to someone they know, or even they have just seen a magician on TV who has done it. Unfortunately , it’s hard to turn people like that around, but the best way to solve it is to not be that magician. When performing, always be aware of how you are treating your audience, especially the people who are helping with a trick. This does not mean to eliminate humor or banter with someone who is already feeling comfortable. This is so you become aware that whatever trick you perform or words you use do not demean or put into question someone’s intelligence.

Another reason people hate magic is that they don’t like “secrets”. This is not easy to diffuse either because you can’t go around teaching people your tricks. But fortunately, there isn’t as many of these people as there are for the people above. i don’t know if this works for everyone, but one thing I do is to “teach” someone a trick, which is the Ah-Ha trick explained below (and this might violate the people above, but it works extremely well when done properly). I don’t ever actually explain it (some people figure it out), but it shows them I’m fun, interesting, and magic and secrets aren’t so bad. They still want to know how you do your magic, but it works out better in the end, and will hopefully enlighten them a little.


  1. Secretly reverse a card at the bottom of the deck using whatever secret method you want (you can even have it set up that way when you take it out of the card case).
  2. Explain that you have an incredible ability to sense what card is cut to instantly when you cut to it, but only if you say “Ah-ha” at the precise moment. You can go on and explain how difficult it is, no one else has mastered it, etc, use your imagination.
    Holding the deck in your left hand, cut the cards with your right hand and look at the bottom card in the right hand’s pile and then say “Ah-ha” and whatever the card is.
  3. Repeat. Do not do it more than 2 times, but make sure the audience understands the “secret” and that saying “Ah-ha” is important.
  4. Now comes the move – you need to flip the deck over without the audience suspecting, thus having the deck face up with the one face down card on top. The best way to do this is to essentially turn your left hand over as you put the cards in your right hand and then point ot gesture with your left. It goes by everyone.
  5. Once the cards are reversed, you will ask a spectator to help demonstrate that it taks years of practice by their cutting the deck and trying. Now keep in mind that this is not meant to put anyone down, but to demonstrate skill that is required in magic.
  6. Hold the cards out in your left hand. The spectator will cut, say “Ah-Ha” (usually in a lack luster way), look at the bottom card of the pile their holding think they’ll see a face card, but will immediately discover the back of a card, and immediately you say “see, it takes years of practice” or something similar.

Are there ways that you might help to remove relieve the “Magic Haters” tension?

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