I don’t own an iPhone, I own one of the Android phones.  I like my phone and will continue to work with the Android platform.  Nothing against iPhones, it’s just not my thing.  Anyway, there are a number of “magic tricks” available for the iPhone (or so I’ve seen), but there’s nothing similar (yet) for the Android device.  The question is, are the  worth it?
The answer is not simple for me.  I recently saw a trick performed where a chosen card “calls” the magician on his cell phone.  I instantly knew how I could mimic that on my phone (and it can be done on iPhones likely with free software).  It’s not an actual magic trick on the phone, but it uses the phone as a handy prop and way to reveal a selection.  A brilliant use for the phone.

What I’m not sure of is where the phone itself (or device, as I suppose it could be an iTouch or eventually the iPad) does most or all of the trick.  There’s no skill behind potentially forcing a card or something even simpler.

On the flip side, I did recently see a trick on the iPhone that, although made the phone an essential prop, it didn’t seem to indicate it as the secret – it was a well done series of mind reading style tricks and quite amazing looking.  Made me actually check the prices on the iTouch.

For years, magicians have been using gimmicks to perform various kinds of magic, from simple things like mirrors to actual electronic gadgets that tell you what the card is, to fake coins, to magnets.  So how does this differ?  Maybe it’s because all of the gadgets prior still require skill and practice.  With these new phone tricks, you could sit and fool yourself doing magic with them and not learning to develop your skills at performance at all.

Do any of you have an iPhone or iTouch that you have tricks for?  What do you think of this use of them?

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