I’ve heard it said the you should learn 3 tricks extremely well rather than learn many tricks well enough.  I suppose this depends on what you want to do with your magic.

If you want to be a performer, you should know about a dozen tricks so that you can do a show – depending on the length of the show and the individual trick, this will vary.  If you want to an amateur, then 3 tricks to show your firends is perfect, but you can always know a good number of others.

I think I lean more towards the latter than the former, but a good mix of the two is what I believe to be the proper balance.  I know about 2 dozen or so tricks that I believe I know extremely well and can perform without much thought.  But I know about 80 or so other tricks that I could perform with either more thought, more practice, or more other things.  I might ask the help of a friend to refine these extras or perhaps use a video camera to iron out any kinks I might have over it.

But these 80 or so “extras” won’t make it into the “top 20″ until I feel they’ve been mastered and require little thought to pull out and perform.  And it’s not that these extra new tricks will add to the list fo extremely well learned tricks I know, but they will replace one I might want to work on some more.  So there’s never more than about 20-24 tricks in my arsenal.  Also, anything that is replaced must be able to fit into a show or theme, and not really be a random trick (like a 4 Ace trick would be fine with a 4 Ace production, etc).

Remember that the more tricks you learn, the more tricks you forget, so always keep those top few and always keep practicing those so as to keep yourself at top shape, and only add when you feel comfortable with your top picks.

What are some of the tricks you have in your top few?

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