I’m sure you’ve seen those “Magic Secrets Revealed” shows where they show the audience how to do some stage illusion out there, and I suppose you’ve always wondered if that means that everyone will know how your tricks are done and no one will be amazed, etc.  Well I’m here to dispel that whole myth.

I run an events group in my area with about 100 members.  I belong to other event groups in the area, each with equal number of members.  I have about that many Facebook friends.  To be conservative, I know about 250 people.  Not one of them knows how I do any of my tricks.  Not one.

But, you say, those are only close up magic tricks.  Yes, but not one of those same people have even mentioned how they know, have seen, or even know about these exposure shows.

“But Nidal, that’s just a small percentage of the human population, how can you be so sure”.  Okay, you’re right, people have seen those exposure shows, lots of people (aren’t these shows weekly now?).   And lots of people probably remember how it’s done (we’ll presume 25% or less, people are forgetful).  But that is still a small percentage of people in relation to THE PEOPLE YOU WILL PERFORM FOR.  In other words, you’re most likely not performing for the few people who not only have seen the show, but actually recall the tricks performed, most of which aren’t even the tricks you’re performing.

Let’s think about this differently.  How many people know how a movie is made?  Sure, they know you point a camera and the actors say their lines.  But do they know how many takes one shot will require?  Each minute of film takes about 10 minutes of shooting time, and 4 times that to actually shoot.  And what about the make-up involved, or the wardrobe that they have to make, the sets, the lighting set ups, or even the direction that’s involved in getting the lines our just the way they should?  And we haven’t even mentioned editing and special effects (yes, even simple dramas require special effects).

Ok, that might seem an over complication for a comparison, but think about it: do they know about the double lift you just did, the Elmsley count, the palm, the Braue Reversal?  Do they know that you planted that card in the box, already had the prediction written, directed them to choose a specific item?  Do they know those are “trick” cards, or trick coins, or whatever?  Nope.

Have you been exposed?  How so, and were you able to resolve it?

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