This might sound crazy, but I’m not a huge fan of “traditional” magic DVD’s and videos.  I know, here I am pitching magic videos and downloads, so it must sound like I’ve flipped my lid, but let me explain.
There are two types of magic videos.  The first is the “classic” kind that you would find on VHS tapes and recently on DVD (are they on Blue-Ray yet?).  They do the trick possibly in front of an audience, sometimes it’s slow and one trick at a time, but with others it’s a series of tricks, and in both cases, the trick is explained later on the video.  The other style of video is the “street performer” style where they go out and show tricks, boom boom boom, then back to the studio to teach it (whether one at a time or all at once).  More camera angles, more cuts, and more loud music in the second style.

But they both suck.  And you know why?  You buy a DVD for $40 or more and you get 15 tricks, 14 of which you may never use and one of which was likely the reason you bought the DVD.  Maybe you thought there were other tricks you might grow to like, and the sheer quantity of tricks available make it seem like a steal (it’s like $3 a trick), but be honest with yourself – you paid $40 or more for one, maybe 2 tricks.  Not a great investment.  And sometimes, you might even buy one trick for that much, only to be disappointed with it – but that’s $40+ you’ll never see again.

The great thing about this site is that you can actually pick and choose which tricks you want, and only purchase explanations for the ones you feel work well for your style.  You can see what it’s supposed to look like, and you’ll get a step by step explanation of the trick, and the only “extra fluff” you’ll get is variations and details on how to better perform the trick.

You know what else magic videos are missing?  More tips than what’s on the videos.  With our stuff, you get hand typed notes that will help enhance the explanation, show points that might not be clear in the videos, and additional ideas and thoughts.  And you can always post comment questions or email us to ask anything you need clarity on.  Try to get that from any of the magic DVDs you’ve purchased…

Anything else you’d like to see us provide you guys?  Fell free to leave a comment or drop us a line.

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