Ever since I was a kid in my pre-teen years, I’ve been interested in Magic and Illusions. I knew a few simple card tricks, and had been given a magic kit, and even read a few books, but beyond that I never thought I would know some of the advanced things I know now. I put the hobby aside in my late teens and didn’t pick it up again until I was living in California and needed a way to entertain some folks (long story short, I was trying to sell stuff in a flea market setting and wanted to attract people to my booth). I knew some of the things I knew when I was younger, and found a couple of local magic shops which allowed me access to some advance videos and books. I absorbed what I could, focusing on card magic as that was my area of interest.

Years later, here I am, and I’m looking to show and teach others what I know. Although a secret art, I think that people who are interested in learning (and not just interested in knowing or revealing a “secret”), then they should be given the tools to learn what they want. Of course, my area of expertise is card magic, but I’m hoping that as the blog grows, others who want to impart their knowledge will work with me to help this place grow and develop.

If you have any questions, you can send me a message via the contacts page, or feel free to email me directly at nidal {at} lessonsinmagic(.)com if you have any questions.

One finale thing to add: I want to be clear that the name of this site, although mildly deceptive, is not simply about learning magic tricks. For one, I primarily only know card tricks, although I do know a small variety of coin and other close-up magic. I’ll be writing about all sorts of things, but all of them will be how I’ve learned, or how I expect to or hope to learn the magic in everyday life. Thus, the Lessons in Magic, the lessons in the magic of all things.

I don’t really believe in magic – meaning things you can’t see. Not ghosts or ghouls, not religion, not things that have no scientific basis (although some of those can be argued as being “magic”). But I do believe in the magic of observation, the magic of how and what people think. I believe in the magic of relationships (or, more specifically, the connections between people and how that affects their lives).

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