I’m 205.2 pounds (plus or minus .2). There, I said it. And to keep it in perspective, I’m 5’8″-ish. I won’t tell you how off that is from where I likely should be, you can do the math. Overall, it’s really not terrible, but I want to lose about 20 pounds. Not all in a week, or anything, but in a few months. My initial goal is just to get below 200, which I haven’t been in several years.


I’m going to see “The Proposal” tonight with some friends. Normally, I reserve this type of movie as a “Date Movie”, as it’s not quite a chick flick, but it is a romantic comedy and I think those sorts of things should be for hand holding and other activities in a dark theater. Of course, as I’m not dating (ergh), it stands to reason that I may as well see it with others. Plus, I meet new people and get out of the house, which are both good things.

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