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When you tell people you’re a magician, you get a multitude of reactions, one of which is “I hate magic”. It usually shocks some magicians that some people out there dislike magic. But it’s not because these people don’t want to be entertained, it stems for a variety of reasons.


There are essentially two types of flourishes within a magic trick (and although this could apply to coins and other things, I’m being specific to card magic).  The first is something that is obvious to the audience.  An example of this is a card spread or a fan of cards.  The second is something that isn’t really obvious at all.  An example of this would be a count that might hide or miscount the cards.


I’m going to see “The Proposal” tonight with some friends. Normally, I reserve this type of movie as a “Date Movie”, as it’s not quite a chick flick, but it is a romantic comedy and I think those sorts of things should be for hand holding and other activities in a dark theater. Of course, as I’m not dating (ergh), it stands to reason that I may as well see it with others. Plus, I meet new people and get out of the house, which are both good things.

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